Exempts subsequent hotkeys and hotstrings from suspension.

#SuspendExempt Exempt



Type: Integer (boolean)

True or 1 to enable exemption for subsequent hotkeys, or False or 0 to disable exemption. If omitted, it defaults to True.


Hotkeys and hotstrings can be suspended by the Suspend function or via the tray icon or main window.

If this directive is unspecified in the script, all hotkeys or hotstrings are disabled when the script is suspended, even those which call the Suspend function.

This directive does not affect the Hotkey or Hotstring functions.


Suspend, Hotkeys, Hotstrings



#SuspendExempt  ; Exempt the following hotkey from Suspend.
#Esc::Suspend -1
#SuspendExempt False  ; Disable exemption for any hotkeys/hotstrings below this.
^1::MsgBox "This hotkey is affected by Suspend."