Determines whether a script is allowed to run again when it is already running.

#SingleInstance ForceIgnorePromptOff



Type: String

If the parameter is omitted, it defaults to Force. To change this behavior, specify one of the following words:

Force: Skips the dialog box and replaces the old instance automatically, which is similar in effect to the Reload function.

Ignore: Skips the dialog box and leaves the old instance running. In other words, attempts to launch an already-running script are ignored.

Prompt: Displays a dialog box asking whether to keep the old instance or replace it with the new one. This is the default behaviour if this directive is not used.

Off: Allows multiple instances of the script to run concurrently.


This directive is ignored when any of the following command line switches are used: /force /f /restart /r

AutoHotkey relies on the title of the script's main window to identify other running instances of the script.





#SingleInstance force
#SingleInstance ignore
#SingleInstance off