Checks if the specified process exists.

PID := ProcessExist(PIDOrName)



Type: Integer or String

If blank or omitted, the script's own process is used. Otherwise, specify either a number (the PID) or a process name:

PID: The Process ID, which is a number that uniquely identifies one specific process (this number is valid only during the lifetime of that process). The PID of a newly launched process can be determined via the Run function. Similarly, the PID of a window can be determined with WinGetPID.

Name: The name of a process is usually the same as its executable (without path), e.g. notepad.exe or winword.exe. Since a name might match multiple running processes, only the first process will be operated upon. The name is not case sensitive.

Return Value

Type: Integer

This function returns the Process ID (PID) of the specified process. If there is no matching process, zero is returned.


Run, WinExist, Process functions, Win functions


#1: Checks if a process of Notepad exists:

if (PID := ProcessExist("notepad.exe"))
    MsgBox "Notepad exists and has the Process ID " PID "."
    MsgBox "Notepad does not exist."