Retrieves the name or text of a key.

Name := GetKeyName(KeyName)



Type: String

This can be just about any single character from the keyboard or one of the key names from the key list, such as a mouse/joystick button. Examples: B, 5, LWin, RControl, Alt, Enter, Escape, LButton, MButton, Joy1.

Alternatively, an explicit virtual key code such as vkFF or an explicit scan code such as sc01D may be specified. This is useful in the rare case where a key has no name. The code of such a key can be determined by following the steps at the bottom of the key list page. Note that these codes must be in hexadecimal.

Known limitation: This function cannot differentiate between two keys which share the same virtual key code, such as Left and NumpadLeft.

Return Value

Type: String

This function returns the name of the specified key.


GetKeyVK, GetKeySC, GetKeyState, Key List



MsgBox GetKeyName("Esc") ; Shows Escape
MsgBox GetKeyName("vk1B") ; Shows also Escape