Retrieves a reference to a function.

FunctionReference := Func(FunctionName)



Type: String

The name of the function whose reference is retrieved. FunctionName must exist explicitly in the script, or be built-in.

Return Value

Type: Object

This function returns a reference to FunctionName; that is, a Func or Closure object. If FunctionName is not built-in and does not exist explicitly in the script (by means such as #Include or a non-dynamic call to a library function), it returns an empty string.

If FunctionName is a nested function inside a function with free variables, a new Closure is created and returned. This has the same properties as a Func.


The returned object can be used to call the function or retrieve information such as the minimum and maximum number of parameters.


Function References, Func Object, Closures, IsFunc



; Retrieve a reference to the function named "StrLen".
fn := Func("StrLen")

; Display information about the function.
MsgBox fn.Name "() is " (fn.IsBuiltIn ? "built-in." : "user-defined.")