Includes the specified file inside the compiled version of the script.

FileInstall Source, Dest , Overwrite



Type: String

The name of a single file to be added to the compiled EXE. The file is assumed to be in (or relative to) the script's own directory if an absolute path isn't specified.

This parameter must be a quoted literal string (not a variable or any other expression), and must be listed to the right of the function name FileInstall (that is, not on a continuation line beneath it).


Type: String

When Source is extracted from the EXE, this is the name of the file to be created. It is assumed to be in A_WorkingDir if an absolute path isn't specified. The destination directory must already exist.


Type: Integer

This parameter determines whether to overwrite files if they already exist. If this parameter is 1 (true), the function overwrites existing files. If omitted or 0 (false), the function does not overwrite existing files.

Other values are reserved for future use.

Error Handling

An exception is thrown on failure.

Any case where the file cannot be written to the destination is considered failure. For example:


When a call to this function is read by Ahk2Exe during compilation of the script, the file specified by Source is added to the resulting compiled script. Later, when the compiled script EXE runs and the call to FileInstall is executed, the file is extracted from the EXE and written to the location specified by Dest.

Files added to a script are neither compressed nor encrypted during compilation, but the compiled script EXE can be compressed by using the appropriate option in Ahk2Exe.

If this function is used in a normal (uncompiled) script, a simple file copy will be performed instead -- this helps the testing of scripts that will eventually be compiled. No action is taken if the full source and destination paths are equal, as attempting to copy the file to its current location would result in an error. The paths are compared with lstrcmpi after expansion with GetFullPathName.

FileCopy, #Include


Includes a text file inside the compiled version of the script. Later, when the compiled script is executed, the included file is extracted to another location with another name. If a file with this name already exists at this location, it will be overwritten.

FileInstall "My File.txt", A_Desktop "\Example File.txt", 1