Exits the current thread or (if the script is not persistent and this is the last thread) the entire script.

Exit ExitCode



Type: Integer

An integer between -2147483648 and 2147483647 that is returned to its caller when the script exits. This code is accessible to any program that spawned the script, such as another script (via RunWait) or a batch (.bat) file. If omitted, ExitCode defaults to zero. Zero is traditionally used to indicate success.


If the script is not persistent and this is the last thread, the entire script exits.

Otherwise, the Exit function terminates the current thread. In other words, the stack of subroutines called directly or indirectly by a menu, timer, or hotkey subroutine will all be returned from as though a Return were immediately encountered in each. If used directly inside such a subroutine -- rather than in one of the subroutines called indirectly by it -- Exit is equivalent to Return.

Use ExitApp to completely terminate a script that is persistent.


ExitApp, OnExit, Functions, Return, Threads, #Persistent



    MsgBox "This MsgBox will never happen because of the Exit."
        Exit ; Terminate this function as well as the calling function.