Retrieves an environment variable.

Value := EnvGet(EnvVarName)



Type: String

The name of the environment variable to retrieve. For example: Path := EnvGet("Path").

Return Value

Type: String

This function returns the value of the specified environment variable. If the specified environment variable is empty or does not exist, an empty string is returned.


The operating system limits each environment variable to 32 KB of text.

This function exists because normal script variables are not stored in the environment. This is because performance would be worse and also because the OS limits environment variables to 32 KB.

EnvSet, environment variables, Run, RunWait


Retrieves an environment variable and stores its value in OutputVar.

LogonServer := EnvGet("LogonServer")

Retrieves and reports the path of the "Program Files" directory. See RegRead example #2 for an alternative method.

ProgramFilesDir := EnvGet(A_Is64bitOS ? "ProgramW6432" : "ProgramFiles")
MsgBox "Program files are in: " ProgramFilesDir