Sets coordinate mode for various built-in functions to be relative to either the active window or the screen.

CoordMode TargetType , RelativeTo



Type: String

The type of target to affect. Specify one of the following words:

ToolTip: Affects ToolTip.

Pixel: Affects PixelGetColor, PixelSearch, and ImageSearch.

Mouse: Affects MouseGetPos, Click, and MouseMove/Click/Drag.

Caret: Affects CaretGetPos.

Menu: Affects the Menu.Show method when coordinates are specified for it.


Type: String

The area to which TargetType is to be related. Specify one of the following words (if omitted, it defaults to Screen):

Screen: Coordinates are relative to the desktop (entire screen).

Window: Coordinates are relative to the active window.

Client: Coordinates are relative to the active window's client area, which excludes the window's title bar, menu (if it has a standard one) and borders. Client coordinates are less dependent on OS version and theme.


If this function is not used, all built-in functions except those documented otherwise (e.g. WinMove and InputBox) use coordinates that are relative to the active window's client area.

Every newly launched thread (such as a hotkey, custom menu item, or timed subroutine) starts off fresh with the default setting for this function. That default may be changed by using this function during script startup.

The built-in A_CoordMode variables contain the current settings.


Click, MouseMove, MouseClick, MouseClickDrag, MouseGetPos, PixelGetColor, PixelSearch, ToolTip, Menu.Show



CoordMode "ToolTip", "Screen"  ; Place ToolTips at absolute screen coordinates.
CoordMode "ToolTip"  ; Same effect as the above because "screen" is the default.