Shows the drop-down list of a ComboBox control.

ControlShowDropDown Control , WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText



Type: String, Integer or Object

The control's ClassNN, text or HWND, or an object with a Hwnd property. For details, see The Control Parameter.


Type: String, Integer or Object

A window title or other criteria identifying the target window. See WinTitle.


Type: String

If present, this parameter must be a substring from a single text element of the target window (as revealed by the included Window Spy utility). Hidden text elements are detected if DetectHiddenText is ON.


Type: String

Windows whose titles include this value will not be considered.


Type: String

Windows whose text include this value will not be considered.

Error Handling

A TargetError is thrown if the window or control could not be found.

An OSError is thrown if a message could not be sent to the control.


To improve reliability, a delay is done automatically after each use of this function. That delay can be changed via SetControlDelay or by assigning a value to A_ControlDelay. For details, see SetControlDelay remarks.

Window titles and text are case sensitive. Hidden windows are not detected unless DetectHiddenWindows has been turned on.

ControlHideDropDown, Control functions


Opens the Run dialog, shows its drop-down list for 2 seconds and closes the dialog.

Send "#r"  ; Open the Run dialog.
WinWaitActive "ahk_class #32770"  ; Wait for the dialog to appear.
ControlShowDropDown "ComboBox1"  ; Show the drop-down list. The second parameter is omitted so that the last found window is used.
Sleep 2000
ControlHideDropDown "ComboBox1"  ; Hide the drop-down list.
Sleep 1000
Send "{Esc}"  ; Close the Run dialog.