Debugging Clients

Additional debugging features are supported via DBGp, a common debugger protocol for languages and debugger UI communication. See Interactive Debugging for more details. Some UIs or "clients" known to be compatible with AutoHotkey are listed on this page:


SciTE4AutoHotkey is a free, SciTE-based AutoHotkey script editor. In addition to DBGp support, it provides syntax highlighting, calltips/parameter info and auto-complete for AutoHotkey, and other useful editing features and scripting tools.

Debugging features include:


XDebugClient is a simple open-source front-end DBGp client based on the .NET Framework 2.0. XDebugClient was originally designed for PHP with Xdebug, but a custom build compatible with AutoHotkey is available below.


Download: Binary; Source Code (also see SharpDevelop, Dockpanel Suite and Advanced TreeView.)




Notepad++ DBGp Plugin

A DBGp client is available as a plugin for Notepad++. It is designed for PHP, but also works well with AutoHotkey.

Download: See DBGp plugin for Notepad++.




Script-based Clients

A script-based DBGp library and example clients are available from GitHub.

GitHub: Lexikos / dbgp

The DebugVars script provides a graphical user interface for inspecting and changing the contents of variables and objects in any running script (except compiled scripts). It also serves as a demonstration of the dbgp.ahk library.

GitHub: Lexikos / DebugVars

Command-line Client

A command-line client is available from, however this is not suitable for most users as it requires a decent understanding of DBGp (the protocol).


A number of other DBGp clients are available, but have not been tested with AutoHotkey. For a list, see Xdebug: Documentation.